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UK: Woman jailed for disability hate crime

Posted 25/3-11 at 02.02

photo of two womenRachel Rooney (31) has been jailed for eight months for taunting and then punching Chantelle Richardson (23), who has a facial disfigurement. A lawyer for the Crown Prosecution Service said, "In our view, Rooney's actions were clearly motivated by hostility towards Chantelle's disability." The judge agreed it was a hate crime.

After the sentencing, Ms Richardson said: "Today's result is an important one both for me personally and for disfigured people in society.

"I hope this will be recognised as an example to others - it is unacceptable to bully, abuse and taunt people who look different and I hope it gives other

disfigured people the confidence to go out in public without fear of prejudice."




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