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UK: Police force criticised for failing to protect disabled man

Posted 22/3-11 at 15.21

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has condemned Greater Manchester police force's "systemic failures" in helping the family of David Askew (64), a man with learning difficulties, who collapsed and died after confronting youths who had taunted him for years.

David Askew

Following his death, it emerged that Askew and his family had reported antisocial behaviour and other crimes to the police 88 times in six years.

Although some individual officers had tried to help, the force itself had failed to identify consistently the vulnerability of the family, respond to incidents as possible hate crimes or liaise properly between officers responding to calls and the neighbourhood policing team.

Richard Hawkes, the chief executive of Scope, said, "Disabled people experience harassment and abuse on a daily basis, simply because they are different. Often it starts with persistent low-level incidents. But if left unchecked, antisocial behaviour can escalate into something more serious. The impact can be unspeakable."


Editorial comment: In the case of David Askew and his family the impact was truly ‘unspeakable'.

DAA carried an earlier report on David's death. See, http://www.daa.org.uk/index.php?mact=Blogs,cntnt01,showentry,0&cntnt01entryid=124&cntnt01returnid=98




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