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Pakistan: Disabled people sold or kidnapped to beg in Iran.

Posted 15/3-11 at 12.38

Police in the southern province of Sindh report that hundreds of disabled people are being trafficked to be exploited as beggars outside shrines and mosques in Iran.

Mujahid Shaikh, who made his way back to Khairpur in Sindh after being trafficked to Iran, and now begs at the railway crossing, said there were "hundreds of persons [from Pakistan] with disability, including children" living in captivity in Iran.

Many of those taken are already begging in Pakistan. According to

Ghulam Nabi Nizamani, co-ordinator of Disabled People's International Pakistan, this is because, "From childhood, disabled people are told they are good for nothing and must always depend on others. They are severely disadvantaged in terms of access to education and those from poor families often end up as beggars."




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