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India: Protest against ‘biased’ consultation on new state disability law

Posted 14/3-11 at 02.36

On the 9th of March, in Chennai, capital of the state of Tamil Nadu, disabled people demonstrated against a consultation being held on new state-level disability legislation.

Disabled Protestors, some in wheelchairs, waving their arms

Photo: M. Karunakaran


"Most of the 240 persons who registered their names for the consultation were people without any disability. More persons with disability should have been participating in the consultation," said P.Simmachandran, State secretary, Federation of Tamil Nadu Physically Handicapped Associations.

Protesters were also concerned that there was little representation from disabled people in rural areas and that the act would not be comprehensive enough.

However, according to those who organised the event, the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act would guarantee equality and non-discrimination to all disabled people.




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