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Malaysia: Disabled street vendors protest

Posted 09/3-11 at 23.58

A protest has been launched after authorities in Petaling Jaya tried to move five disabled and elderly street vendors from the Taman Megah market.

Disabled people met with Selangor state executive councillor Dr Xavier Jayakumar on Monday, February 28th and called for an immediate end to the harassment of the stall-holders and that they be allowed to stay in their spot unconditionally. They pointed out that their demands were in line with the provisions of the UN Convention, ratified by Malaysia.

The delegation also took the opportunity to make other demands. These included the following:

Disabled vendors should be allotted space at the more accessible and visible front of the market As a matter of equality and respect, disabled people should be able to enter buildings in the same manner as everyone else Disabled people must be part of decisions affecting them Politicians and bureaucrats should be educated on disability rights


Editorial comment: This incident finds a parallel in Peru. Here disabled street vendors (ambulantes) in Lima, despite having official permission to trade, were attacked and injured by police who tried to move them on. This in turn led to a demonstration by disabled people and their supporters. See videos of the events:






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