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USA: Disabled people stage protest against cuts

Posted 02/3-11 at 22.04

In Austin, Texas on March 1st, 400 disabled people and their supporters held a protest against cuts to essential services, outside the governor's office.

Disabled protestors with placards saying "no cuts" and "disabled citizens of Texas Unite!"

The disability rights group Adapt of Texas says they have sought a meeting with Governor Perry since August, only to be put off repeatedly. They vowed to stay until they were removed or arrested.

Asked why the governor has declined to meet with representatives, the governor's spokesman said that Perry meets with constituents every day.

"But if you don't meet with someone, chaining yourself to a fence or blocking access to the Capitol is not going to generate a meeting," he said. "Disruptive tactics and preventing access to the Capitol is not going to accomplish anything."




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