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UK: Government advisors question changes to Disability Living Allowance

Posted 27/2-11 at 17.14

The Social Security Advisory Committee is asking why Disability Living Allowance (DLA), paid to almost 3 million people to help cover extra of being disabled, is being replaced.

$621 million will be provided over the next five years to expand the Money Follows the Person programme. This allows disabled people who are living in institutions to move into the community with services and support.

Furthermore, the Department of Health and Human Services is proposing rules for the Community First Choice Option, a new initiative offering states access to a combined $3.7 billion over the next three years in additional Medicaid matching funds if they agree to eliminate caps on the number of individuals who can live in the community.

They have asked for "some clarity" about the overall aims of the change. Is the goal is to reduce numbers on DLA, reduce the length of time people receive it, improve its targeting "or to achieve something else"?

Commenting on the proposed withdrawal of DLA entitlement from people living in care homes who receive it to help with the costs of transport, the committee said, "This measure will substantially reduce the independence of disabled people who are being cared for in residential accommodation, which goes against the stated aim of the reform of DLA to support 'disabled people to lead independent and active lives'."




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