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UK: Minister for Disabled People on benefit reform

Posted 22/2-11 at 18.20

Interviewed in the Guardian, Maria Miller, Minister for Disabled People, claims that, 'The clear objective of the government is helping disabled people to live more independent lives'.

She says the current system needs to be overhauled because it is flawed and makes disabled people too dependent on benefits.

In her interview she also emphasised that reform is about improving the way benefits are delivered, but was less willing to discuss the cost-saving aspects of the change.

Editorial comment: This is a very important article as it exposes the government's hard-nosed complacency about the harsh impact its ‘reforms' will have on the lives of disabled people. To say, as Miller does, that people are angry because they do not understand the government's objectives is as ridiculous as it is condescending. The many excellent comments on her interview show that disabled people are all too aware of how the government's cost cutting - their primary and poorly disguised objective - will greatly diminish the quality of their lives.




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