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USA: McDonald’s sued over abuse of disabled man by employees

Posted 08/2-11 at 12.46

A civil action has been started by the mother of a Navajo man with learning difficulties who was allegedly abused by three employees of one of McDonald's restaurants in New Mexico. It is claimed that the restaurant in Farmington hired employees in violation of corporate policies requiring a safe environment for customers.

swastika on mans head and arm

When the unnamed man came in for an evening meal, one of the employees took him back to his apartment where he was later joined by the two others. They proceeded to brand a swastika on the man's arm using a heated metal coat hanger, shaved a swastika on the back of his head and drew "satanic, sexual, hate-filled images and degrading words" on his body using a permanent marker, and filmed and photographed the episode.

In November 2010, Federal authorities indicted the three men, the first be prosecuted under a law that makes it easier for the government to bring charges against people accused of committing hate crimes.




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