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UK: Disabled MP claims he was ridiculed in Parliament

Posted 07/2-11 at 16.44

According to Tory MP Paul Maynard, who has cerebral palsy, he was mocked because of his impairment by opposition Labour MPs during a speech in the House of Commons last October.

He said: "They were constantly intervening, trying to put me off my stride, which may be just normal parliamentary tactics. But some were pulling faces at me, really exaggerated gesticulations, really exaggerated faces."

Paul Maynard MP

Paul Maynard, Tory MP

A spokeswoman for Commons Speaker John Bercow said "discrimination or abuse towards any Member on any grounds is not acceptable".

Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Equalities Commission, compared MPs who are said to have heckled Paul Maynard to football hooligans, adding that he had found the claims "shocking". He called on John Bercow, the Commons Speaker, to investigate the claims.



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