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UK: Cuts puts pressure on parents of disabled children

Posted 23/1-11 at 16.20

Riven Vincent has asked her local authority to take Celyn, her six-year-old disabled daughter, into care because she was not receiving enough respite support. This was particularly embarrassing for David Cameron, the Prime Minister, as during the election he had visited Vincent to assure her that if he became prime minister he would not do anything that would harm disabled children.

Celyn Vincent photo

Celyn Vincent

"I have no wish to put my daughter into a home", said Vincent. "We want to look after her, all I am asking for is a little more support. Without this we simply cannot cope and nor can families up and down the country just like ours," she wrote. "We are crumbling."

Vincent's complaint has sparked off a national outcry from scores of other parents experiencing similar problems.

At a press conference Cameron said: "Obviously, I'm going to look into this case very closely and have already started to do that." However, he also commented, "I don't believe there is a relationship between the cuts that are inevitably taking place nationally in some public services and this individual case."

Improvements had recently begun to be made as a result of the Labour government's Aiming High for Disabled Children programme, but money for this scheme ends at the beginning of April. Funding promised by the coalition government will not be ring-fenced and campaigners are worried that this may mean the money is spent elsewhere.





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