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Convention: India to align disability law to match CRPD

Posted 21/1-11 at 20.54

At a seminar in New Delhi (January 14, 2011) on Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the Commonwealth, Mukul Wasnik, India's Social Justice and Empowerment Minister, admitted that that existing disability legislation falls short of the provisions of UNCRPD. Because of this, he said a high-level committee of stakeholders, set up by the government, will draft new legislation.

Later, Purna Sen, the head of human rights at the Commonwealth Secretariat, said that among the recommendations from the six nations at the seminar were increased ratification of the UN Convention, improved role and voice for disabled people in shaping initiatives, addressing areas of employment and education and strengthening of advocacy network.

Shuaib Chalkalen, UN special rapporteur on disabilities, said two key areas of concern for disabled persons were access to employment and access to education and it was their attempt to improve the network among the countries that have adopted and ratified the UN Convention.




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