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Austria: Mass grave of Nazi disabled euthanasia victims discovered

Posted 21/1-11 at 19.37

In Hall, a town in the Austrian Tyrol, a mass grave containing 220 suspected victims of Nazi Germany's euthanasia programme have been found in the grounds of a psychiatric hospital.

Nazi Germany launched its euthanasia project in 1939 in an attempt to rid the so-called Master Race of those deemed "unworthy of life". An estimated 275,000 disabled men, women and children were systematically murdered under the programme.

Doctors, midwives and nurses throughout the Third Reich were compelled to inform the authorities of all newborn children displaying the symptoms of severe impairments or hereditary diseases.

It had been previously assumed that Schloss Hartheim - a psychiatric clinic near Linz where 30,000 patients were murdered - was the only hospital in Austria to practise euthanasia.

Officials were shocked by the discovery. Tyrol's governor, Günther Platter, said he was "deeply shaken" and pledged to set up a commission of experts to investigate. "There can be no cover-up. This dark chapter in our history must now be thoroughly examined."


For more information on the Nazi euthanasia programme, see: http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Holocaust/disabled.html



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