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John Chillag –Trustee – Died March 21st

Posted 12/5-09 at 15.04

DAA is very saddened to learn of the death of our long-standing trustee, John Chillag.

John Chillag

He joined DAA from the outset, representing Inclusion International in which he had been very active. I had first met John in the late 1980s at a UN meeting to discuss the rights and inclusion of disabled people. We met on various occasions around the globe where his gentle but firm manner ensured that things went the right way. He took absolutely no notice of the usual personal politics that are so often the sub text to these events - always focussing on what was rightful.

It was only in 1995 that he was able to reveal that he was a Holocaust Survivor - his story is truly horrible. He was the only member of his 30 strong family to survive and ended up in Buchenwald weighing only 25 kilos. In his last months he would tell me that he was ill because of the cabbage soup that had been injected into him there, in attempts to keep him alive.

To most people he is remembered as a Holocaust Survivor. To all of us in the Disability Rights Movement John is remembered with great affection as a constructive, committed co-fighter in the struggle for disability rights. We will miss him sorely.



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