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USA: Sexual assaults on disabled women in care home

Posted 14/1-11 at 13.14

Police in Los Angeles arrested a suspect believed to be one of four men shown in a video apparently sexually assaulting disabled women in a care home and other places in about 2007.

Photo-fit pictures of suspects in sexual assault case

Photo-fit pictures of suspects in sexual assault case

Bert Hicks, 41, another suspect is in state prison. He is alleged to have taken a disabled woman to Las Vegas, married her and then brought her back to the care facility, where she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by other men.

13 DVDs mailed by an anonymous tipster to the sheriff last March contain more than 100 hours of video of at least 10 men apparently sexually assaulting at least eight severely disabled women in a care home and several other locations.

"I've seen a lot of terrible, terrible imagery in my assignment,' said Detective Ron Anderson, "this is among the most heinous I've ever seen. ... What I saw was just these poor people lying there being victimized in the most terrible way I've ever seen."

Only four of the men could be identified from the DVDs, but with two in custody the police are hoping to get information on the remaining six. Only one of the victims has been traced so far.


See update at:http://www.newsvine.com/_news/2011/01/15/5844395-la-videos-disabled-woman-says-she-was-victimized



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