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UK: Disabled people face massive fall in living standards

Posted 13/1-11 at 15.13

A report commissioned by Norfolk Coalition of Disabled People (NCODP) found that due to cuts in benefits and local services the poorest 53% of disabled people in the county of Norfolk, around 100,000 people and their families, will see their living standards decline by a third over the next four years.

woman holding placard which says Norfolk's Disability Community says No to Cuts

Stephanie Ash, NCODP trustee, demonstrating against budget cuts


Mark Harrison, chief executive of NCODP, said: "This report charts how disabled people are being scapegoated for a crisis which we had no part in creating.

"My message to Norfolk councillors is that these proposals are both discriminatory and disproportionate. If we are truly ‘in this together' and you are working in the interests of Norfolk citizens then you must tell the coalition government that it is not possible to implement their cuts."


For the full report, as well as supporting material and videos, see:



Editorial comment: This is first detailed quantitative study that has considered the likely impact of changes to national benefits and taxation together with cuts to local support services. Furthermore, although it looks only at what is happening in Norfolk, it is likely that the same situation will be found throughout the country as all local authorities are forced to reduce spending. If this happens, then between 5 to 6 million disabled people and their families will face a disastrous fall in their already precarious living standards.




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