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UK: Half a million wrongly denied disability benefits

Posted 07/1-11 at 16.45

Using official statistics, a survey has found that over the last 15 years up to 500,000 people were wrongly refused incapacity benefit.

The government will shortly receive the results of two pilot studies of its new, and widely criticised, tests for incapacity benefit, intended to be adopted in April when it will begin processing the 2.2 million people on incapacity benefit at a possible rate of 10,000 a week.

Campaigners are concerned the historic errors in the system will continue to wrongly disallow substantial numbers.

The Labour backbencher Jon Cruddas has called for a pause in this particular aspect of the government's crackdown. He said, "Economic crisis encourages a search for scapegoats among the poor and dispossessed. A punitive welfare system is a consequence." http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2011/jan/03/incapacity-benefit-compass-survey-dwp


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