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EU Draft Discrimination Directive - the UK Consults

Posted 12/5-09 at 14.33

The UK has launched a consultation on the EU Discrimination Directive. This draft directive covers all discrimination:race, religion, age, disability and gender and sexual orientation.It outlaws discrimination beyond the areas of employment and vocational training which are already covered.

This consultation will run from 5 May 2009 to 28 July 2009. Views are sought for the impact of the draft Directive in those areas where its proposals differ from current and proposed UK law, and in particular, on the impact of the proposals on individuals, business and others.

The consultation document, together with an impact assessment and a partial equality impact assessment, can be downloaded from the GEO website :www.equalities.gov.uk/international/eu_directive.aspx

Do tell us your views on this - we would really like to hear from you about this directive.



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