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UK: Independent Living Fund to be scrapped

Posted 16/12-10 at 01.04

The Independent Living Fund (ILF), that tops up local authority money allowing more than 21,000 disabled people with high support needs to live independently, was closed to new applicants in June, 2010. The government has just announced that the ILF is to be abolished. They say that responsibility “…for the social care support needs of all disabled people [is] to be delivered equitably as part of Local Authorities’ broader independent living strategies in line with local priorities and local accountability.”

Current recipients will be protected during this Parliament, that is to 2015, if the Coalition Government lasts. A consultation will take place next year on how to continue to support existing users. There is no mention of supporting any new users.


Editorial comment: This is chilling news, especially coming on the same day the government announced a 8.9% cut in local authority grants for the coming year. Further reductions will be imposed in subsequent years. The government doesn't even attempt to offer a way forward. Instead it just says that, "Local authorities already have a statutory responsibility to provide social care support to its residents and as part of this responsibility, local authorities will need to consider the requirements of clients who may otherwise have received an additional ILF package." In other words, "it's not our problem."




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