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UK: ‘Assisted dying’ inquiry funded by supporters of euthanasia

Posted 05/12-10 at 23.49

Former Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer, will chair an unofficial commission that will consider what system, if any, should exist to allow people to be helped to die and whether changes in the law should be introduced.

The commission is funded by the author Terry Pratchett, a fervent proponent of euthanasia, and overseen by Dignity in Dying (formerly the Voluntary Euthanasia Society), a group campaigning for its legalisation.

Falconer insisted, "We will evaluate all the evidence we hear on a fair basis - judge us at the end by the quality of our report." However, Richard Hawkes, chief executive Scope, said, "When it is funded by supporters of legalising assisted suicide, and without a formal remit from government, we would question how independent this commission really can be."



Writing in the Daily Telegraph, George Pitcher points out a that, "This ‘Commission' is nothing more than a lobby group for death-on-demand disguised as an inquiry." Besides the obvious interest of its sponsors, Falconer himself tried but failed to introduce an amendment to legislation in the House of Lords in 2009 that would have made euthanasia lawful. Pitcher concludes, " ... this is a mischievous and cynical attempt to re-write a proper House of Lords inquiry that exposed all the flaws and dangers of assisted-suicide legislation in 2004/2005."





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