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Mexico: Disabled adults and children locked up and abused in institutions

Posted 02/12-10 at 16.24

Disability Rights International (DRI) and the Comisión Méxicana de Defensa y Promoción de los Derechos Humanos (CMDPDH) have just (November 30, 2010) released a shocking report that describes the disappearances of children from Mexican institutions and a broad range of atrocious conditions and mistreatment faced by disabled children and adults in public and private facilities. The report clearly shows how Mexico is violating the CRPD despite championing and helping to write it.

Abandoned and disappeared Mexico's Segregation and abuse of children and adults with disabilities For example, investigators found disabled people left permanently in filthy conditions, some of whom were tied into beds and wheelchairs. Lobotomies (psychosurgery) are being performed without consent. Some people are detained for their lifetime simply because they are disabled.

"When you are diagnosed with a mental illness in Mexico you can be locked up and have all your rights taken away. We are treated like sub-humans," says José Ángel Valencia Orozco, a mental health system user who was formerly detained in an institution. "The new Disability Rights Convention promises that we can be part of society like other people, and that is all we are asking for."


The appalling conditions in these Mexican institutions can be seen in a video report from ABC News.




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They would DEFINITELY lock me up! Every country I have seen so far hates at least one type of disability and it is really annoying. Even in the UK where I live I will have no human rights because of 'social workers'. I'd rather be called 'retard' or 'spaz' and have rocks thrown at me than have any human rights taken away.

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fuck yall haters

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