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USA: Photo history of disability movement on show in Chicago

Posted 28/11-10 at 00.28

More than 25 years of the work of ADAPT, the militant arm of the disability rights movement in the US, is chronicled in a photo exhibition the opens this week at Chicago's Center for Independent Living.

Chicago show of disability history photo

All the photographs are by Tom Olin, who has captured many of the most important moments in the movement's history.

Curator Riva Lehrer says of Olin's work, "There's something about the way he sees that he retains the strength in every single person that he depicts that, you know, you see this a lot of vulnerability and a lot of risk in this room, yet everyone sort of has this veracity and dignity. And I think it's because besides just his strength as a photographer, that he's so deeply steeped in what all this means is that there's never a moment where he's coming for the outside and manipulating this for unfortunate reasons."

For an excellent account of ADAPT and powerful photos of their demos, see the video at:




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