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UK: Disabled girl excluded from school as a "health and safety risk"

Posted 23/11-10 at 14.38

Eleven-year old Idayah Miller was told she couldn't enter the elite Harris Academy in Crystal Palace because her wheelchair would restrict the movement of other children in the crowded corridors.

The head teacher added that she would also suffer low self-esteem because her "academic ability is quite low" and the school is "a high pressure, high performing academy" where she would struggle to keep up with her friends.

Her father said: "Idayah is like an ordinary child, she is cheerful and quite witty. Like any parent, I want the best for her in this life."

Mr Miller has appealed against Harris's decision not to accept his daughter. His case will be heard by an independent panel at the beginning of December.

Also see video at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-11814690


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