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Disabled girl killed and put in bin bags

Posted 26/4-09 at 18.59

On Friday 24 April, a mother in Mitchigan, USA has been charged with murder of a disabled adoptive girl.The 9-year-old Shylea Myza Thomas, whose body was found in bin bags in a storage unit suffered from "severe, ongoing malnutrition and neglect" before her death, a prosecutor said.

Shylea had untreated bed sores and bones sticking through skin.The adoptive mother, who is the girls biological aunt, denied her food. Shylea was supposed to be fed special, prescription food through a tube attached to her stomach. Thomas is accused of cashing a check April 13 that included a monthly stipend for the girl of $2,884.

This case follows other stories of parents seriously abusing or killing their disabled children.

What safeguards should be in place?

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Comment added 27/4-09 at 17.14 by: Dan Gane (daniel.gane@projector.org.uk)

Safeguards don't always seem to work, for example the horrific Baby P case in the UK. There was monitoring of the childs welfare by case workers in this case as well. In the UK there is a desperate need to support social workers to be more effective.

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