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UK: Disabled prisoner wins compensation for degrading treatment

Posted 11/11-10 at 14.02

Abdullah Baybasin, a 53-year-old wheelchair user, has won £20,000 compensation for having suffered degrading and inhuman treatment by the authorities in Belmarch Prison. He was sent there in 2004, but was acquitted at a retrial last month.

Initially, he received no help from staff while using the toilet or bathing so he had to rely on other prisoners.

Even when he was finally provided with a care assistant, there were always delays which meant that he was left for unacceptably long periods in his bed having soiled himself, on the toilet or in a cold bath.

"The treatment I received at HMP Belmarsh was very degrading and at times I struggled to cope. I thought I would die in prison, and often thought things would never get better," he said.


Editorial comment: Mr. Baybasin was able to get a reasonable settlement thanks to a similar case taken to the European Court in 2001 by Adele Price. She had been forced to sleep in her wheelchair in a jail cell with a bed and a toilet that were totally inaccessible. We hope that the prisons will now move to provide proper facilities for disabled people, something which they should have done years ago.

For details of the Adele Price case, see: http://www.humanrights.is/the-human-rights-rpoject/humanrightscasesandmaterials/cases/regionalcases/europeancourtofhumanrights/nr/627




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