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UK: UK Disabled People's Council (UKDPC) reports on impact of threatened benefit cuts

Posted 21/10-10 at 15.59

Proposed cuts by the coalition government will set independent living back by up to 30 years, according to research by UKDPC.

The results call into question the suggestions by the government that radical reform of the benefits system will lead to greater life chances for disabled people.

By curtailing funding which helps disabled people live independently, the government will force disabled people further into poverty or into residential care, and kill off any aspirations of employment held by many. Disabled people able to live independently look set to become an endangered group if the leaked documents declaring the planned closure of the Independent Living Fund are accurate.

There is also a serious risk of closure for a number of DPOs, many stating that a withdrawal of funding would see them making disabled people unemployed, and cutting services to a point where their viability would have to be questioned.

Jaspal Dhani

Jaspal Dhani

CEO of UKDPC Jaspal Dhani said, "The government must take heed of the concerns raised by disabled people and their organisations. Our findings show that regressive government policies seriously undermine the rights of disabled people and the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People."




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