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Pakistan: Disabled people get little or no help in flood disaster

Posted 14/10-10 at 21.59

It is estimated that 1million disabled people have been affected by the floods that started in late July and continued for weeks, submerging an area larger than England.

Thousands of people were also disabled by the 2005 earthquake and this number has been increased by the dozens of suicide bombings in the country since 2007.

Although the government and aid agencies have assisted flood victims, disabled people's needs have been largely ignored. For example, many have been unable to access food or medical help because people have had to scramble to get supplies.

"The number of disabled people hit by the floods is so huge, but no one has focused on their needs," says Asim Zafar, the founder of charity Sayya Association of Persons with Disability. "Almost everyone, whether international aid organizations or local charities, ...focus (on) ‘normal' people. There is a sort of discrimination towards disabled people," Zafar added.




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