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Disabled people protest over cuts

Posted 09/3-09 at 23.25

About 2000 disabled people and their families turned up on Saturday, 8th March in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. They wanted to show their disapproval at the govenor's budget plans for May. The proposed cuts would endanger many programs that offer support and independent living services to disabled people.

To listen to or read the full news story entitled "Cutting Disability Services Could Devastate Some Northland Families" go here

DAN - the action network of disabled people in Britain has organised several events to protest against the Welfare Reform Bill.

London Coalition Against Poverty, Disabled People’s Direct Action Network and Feminist Fightback are calling on all groups concerned with the eroding of our welfare rights to take part in a week of action. Read more here

Campaigners dressed as Bankers

Opposition to the government's Welfare Reform Bill reached a new level this morning, when campaigners dressed as bankers took over the lobby of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in Adelphi House, central London.

Carrying banners reading “target the rich, not the poor” and “stop the Welfare Abolition Bill” the protesters peacefully occupied part of the building before being forcibly removed.

What is happening in your area?

Tell us about any planned reduction of services that affect disabled people.


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