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Nepal: “Psychiatric patients …are treated like animals.”

Posted 10/10-10 at 13.35

In an extremely disturbing report, Jagannath Lamichhane , a global mental health rights activist based in Kathmandu, claims that people with mental health problems face inhuman treatment whether in institutions or the wider society.

Describing the psychiatric hospital in Patan, Nepal, he says it is "...a place to store socially discarded people. The inpatient ward smells of urine, the toilets stink, and the bedclothes look as if they have not been cleaned for months."

He points out that although Nepal has ratified the CRPD, this has meant nothing for people with mental health problems. Almost no money is allocated for their care, few NGOs address their human rights, the government doesn't recognise these rights at all and "There is a popular belief that their condition is the result of bad karma."




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It is a well written from a developing country I have ever read. Congratulations for this effort.

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