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UK: Disabled people lead protest against the Tory cuts

Posted 06/10-10 at 16.24

On October 3rd, outside the Conservative Party Conference, disabled people headed up a march, together with trade unions and other groups, to demonstrate against the proposed budget cuts.

Disabled people leading a demo

Disabled people lead protest against the Tory cuts

Disabled people said that the welfare cuts proposed by the coalition, will hit them hardest. This is because the cuts comprise a lethal cocktail - a sharp fall in housing benefit, the closure of the Independent Living Fund, reductions in benefits and the end of many essential local services.




Comment added 07/10-10 at 15.02 by: author (DawnChapman4@Aol.com)

yea that is true that it will us hardest as we are deaf and that disabilty is our right to have that full not to cuts as it is unfair that the poorest had to us and not fair that the rich keep which is all wrong that had very good jobs like david cmaeron and their wage are not being cuts why us it is all wrong i say go to hell with daivd cameron and also george obsorne too so i go along saying no cuts to disable and the deaf too

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