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UK: Protest against Scottish assisted suicide Bill

Posted 04/10-10 at 23.50

Members of Inclusion Scotland say Margo Macdonald's End of Life Bill, that would make it legal for doctors to assist those who wish to die, discriminates against disabled people and contradicts the independent living agenda. They were protesting outside on September 27th, as evidence about the bill was being heard inside the parliament.

MacDonald said, "The bill has nothing whatsoever to do with disabled people, and I think it is absolutely disgraceful that such vulnerable people should have been used here today." However, campaigners against the measure claimed that disabled people needed to be supported to live, not helped to die.


Editorial comment: Margo MacDonald's remarks that her proposed Bill has nothing to do with disabled people and that ‘such vulnerable people' were being ‘used' essentially as lobby fodder, shows a frightening combination of ignorance and condescension. Ignorance because it is the fear and loathing of being ill or disabled that is such a powerful driving force spurring on the euthanasia lobby and condescension because of her assumption that we disabled people are ‘obviously' unable to think for ourselves. Perhaps she is annoyed by the growing number of us who can recognise that proposals to legalise euthanasia both diminish the value of our lives and pose a real threat to our lives.




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