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UK: Cuts to local spending not as tough as reported says Lib Dem MP

Posted 29/9-10 at 00.48

Andrew Stunel MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, said, "What has happened so far shouldn't lead many local authorities to cut. We've asked them to slash their budgets by a maximum of 3.5%, no more, and any local authority that goes beyond that percentile should suffer for that."

He also told party members that the government has been left with "no choice" but to cut down on spending but that it won't be as disastrous for local communities as has been previously reported.




Comment added 29/9-10 at 00.56 by: author (Tomker2@aol.com)

Will believe it when I see it - I no longer believe what any lib dem says thanks to Clegg.

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