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UK Government to reserve on rights of disabled people.

Posted 05/3-09 at 00.38

DAA is pleased that the UK government is progressing the ratification process. However, the proposed reservations in four important areas is disappointing. After years of campainging and meetings with officials, this outcome is very depressing. Read the press release of UNCCC, a UK campaingning coalition of disabled people and their organisations.

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05 March 2009  


UK Government to reserve on rights of disabled people.

The UNCCC has stated its disappointment as the Government laid before Parliament its proposals for ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. After 7 years of campaigning to get a legally binding International Treaty to protect the rights of disabled people around the world, the United Kingdom Government, which had previously agreed the Convention in New York, is ratifying, but with reservations which undermine the protection of disabled people. Reservations are being proposed in four areas of vital importance – legal capacity, education, immigration and citizenship, and service in the armed forces.

It is not acceptable to disabled people to reserve on their human rights. 

The UNCCC represents 33 disability organisations across the United Kingdom, significantly including many organisations run by disabled people. The UNCCC has been lobbying the UK Government for the last year that both the long-term interests of the United Kingdom and justice require that there be no reservations.

To date 51 countries around the world have ratified but none have had as many reservations and in such important areas.

The UNCCC calls on all Members of Parliament to support the equal protection of the human rights of disabled members of their constituencies of the United Kingdom through debate and amendment. 

Contact Gráinne Teggart 00442890 297880 or 0044501 250 225

Notes to editors

1. UNCCC Members are :

NCIL, GADCIL, Inclusion Scotland, SIA, IDEA, UKDPC, DAA, Capability Scotland, RADAR, DEE, ALLFIE, NFB UK, Equalities NC, APDA, Leonard Cheshire Disability, Scope, Centre on Human Rights for People with Disabilities- DA, Disability Action NI, EqualAbility, Changing Perspectives, Group of Solicitors with Disability, Preston Disc, CSIE, ADD, Treehouse, London Autism Rights Movement, ESSAN, Glasgow Disability Alliance, Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH), Norfolk Coalition of Disabled People.

The Explanatory Memorandum can be accessed on the following link:


The Regulatory Impact Assessment:


The Equality impact Assessment


3. Information about the Convention which countries have ratified and the text can be accessed at http://www.un.org/disabilities/ 


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