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UK: Some councils make deep cuts to services for disabled children

Posted 19/9-10 at 01.30

The Council for Disabled Children says that some local councils are already stopping services for disabled children at short notice, before they know about the funding available from central government.

The services effected include clubs, respite for families and funding for needed support staff.

Christine Lenehan, director of the Council, says that short breaks - providing somewhere for children to go for an afternoon once a month or so - can be the difference that allows families to keep going.

But she says local authorities in some areas are considering cutting up to 75% of short breaks, as part of their planning for anticipated spending cuts.

Shadow Education Secretary Ed Balls said: ‘This is a really worrying report, which suggests local authorities are assuming the worst will happen in the spending review and already cutting back on much-needed services to the most vulnerable children in our community.'





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