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UK: Update on murder of disabled boy

Posted 18/9-10 at 00.57

Photo of Glen Freaney with trophy and drawing in handAs we reported in May, Yvonne Freaney, 48, had been arrested for the murder of her 11-year-old disabled son, Glen. She said she did it because no one else would look after him.

In court she has accepted she killed him, but denied murder.

A manslaughter charge is expected to be formally put to Freaney when she next appears in court in November. In the meantime, the judge has sent her to a secure mental unit.




Comment added 19/9-10 at 04.53 by: author (taniwha1@orcon.net.nz)

Er Yvonne-regardless of whether or not there's a lack of support options( and evidence tends to agree that's lacking in most countries) the act was still murder, and the standard of responsibility is no less because the victim is disabled: you are just as accountable for killing him.

Comment added 18/9-10 at 10.09 by: author (alidaly@hotmail.co.uk)

This case is tragic and when the government talks of a big society it needs to look at the needs of all. When you isolate people and withdraw support for the most vulnerable, it's them that will suffer.

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