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Nigeria: Court remands 24 disabled people over attack

Posted 07/9-10 at 11.02

An Upper Shari'ah Court in Kano State has ordered 24 disabled people to be held in custody for allegedly attacking the Special Adviser to Kano State Governor on Disabled Persons last week.

According to the police the accused attacked the governor's advisor on August 25, 2010, with knives, sticks, stones and iron rods. He alleged that they also vandalized the office.

Responding to the charges, one of the accused told the court that the governor's aide attacked one of them, who fell from his wheelchair.

"We just couldn't stand by and watch him attack one of us, so we descended on the man until people came and rescued him," he said.

The matter has been adjourned until October 11.

Editorial Comment: It is worrying to note that the original article was entitled, ‘Court Remands 24 Cripples Over Attack On Gov's Aide' ! The newspaper also continued to refer to the people involved as ‘cripples'.

While we await more details, we can only imagine that this confrontation arose over disabled people's anger at what was probably not being done on disability issues in the state of Kano. DAA will follow up this story in October. If they have more information about this incident, we would like to hear from any of our Nigerian colleagues.




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