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India: Activists want drafting of new Disability Bill to reflect the CRPD

Posted 06/9-10 at 17.49

Participating in a two-day consultative meeting organised in Bangalore by Disability Rights Group (DRG) and National Centre for Promotion of Employment of Disabled Persons (NCPEDP), about 30 disability activists from the State of Karnataka urged the drafting panel not to show tokenism and waste time by needlessly prolonging the drafting process of the new Disability Bill.

At first it was to be completed by August 1st. They are now saying maybe it will be finished by December

Javed Abidi, convenor of the DRG, also alleged that the panel has been conducting its affairs behind a veil of secrecy, despite promises that it would be transparent and open to discussion.

He said the drafts put out by the 10 sub-committees that had taken up different aspects of the law, such as education, employment health etc, only repeated the old medical approach and is in contravention of the UNCRPD, whose spirits it has to reflect.




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