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Canada: Protest against euthanasia uses CRPD

Posted 06/9-10 at 10.01

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) is organising a protest against what they say is a hospital's attempt to kill a patient by withdrawing hydration and nutrition - euthanasia by omission.

Joshua Kulendran Mayandi , a 48 year old pastor of a small church was admitted to the Brampton Civic Hospital (Ontario) after collapsing on May 29, 2010. He was revived but not before sustaining a significant cognitive impairment. Nonetheless, Joshua has progressed from being in a deep coma to almost full movement of his arms and legs and coherent use of mostly one-word answers and occasionally multi-word sentences with his sister over the phone.

Joshua is not dying or even nearing death, but on August 17th, the hospital withdrew all life-sustaining treatment and care, including fluids and food. The EPC says that ‘...the decision appears to have been made to intentionally cause his death by withdrawing IV hydration and nutrition because he is unlikely to recover from his disability.'

They go on to say, "We understand that Joshua has otherwise stabilized and is likely to live for many years in this condition. Society cannot condone intentionally dehydrating a person to death because of their disability or the potential cost of long-term care."

Such lack of treatment violates some of the most fundamental moral, ethical and religious values, to say nothing of the Hippocratic Oath. It is also specifically prohibited by the UN Convention. Article 25 (f) says that states must "Prevent discriminatory denial of health care or health services or food and fluids on the basis of disability."

On September 3, 2010 the following update was published:

Sadly, after a short period when Joshua was able to feed orally, he has had a seizure. With the hospital continuing not to treat Joshua, he is experiencing kidney failure and is expected to die within a few days.




For more information contact:

Alex Schadenberg

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Phone: 1-877-439-3348

Email: euthanasiaprevention@on.aibn.com




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