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UK: DPO campaigns against cuts

Posted 02/9-10 at 14.08

The Norfolk Coalition of Disabled People (NCODP), representing over 40 DPOs and 400 individual members, is mounting a campaign against the proposed budget cuts that threaten to slash a wide range of benefits and services for disabled people and their families.

Mark Harrison, chief executive of NCODP, said: "The government's dramatic attack on benefits and allowances, alongside the cuts to social and health care, will have a serious effect on a large part of Norfolk's population."

In order to fight the budget cuts NCODP members will hold demonstrations and directly lobby the county's Members of Parliament at their surgeries, held to hear the concerns of constituents.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has also been approached to investigate if disabled people are being discriminated against by the cuts.

Furthermore, the group is calling for the creation of the post of secretary of state for disabled people to give them a voice at cabinet level.


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Comment added 06/9-10 at 14.35 by: Diana Harrison (dianaharrison13hotmail.com)

Yep this is happening all over the country and is so worrying. Its Eugenics once again but few would name it is such. Yet it is happening while others look on. The world has never been equal and is rapidly becoming even more unequal. We all have to fight on to be heard!

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