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Ivan Cameron Dies

Posted 26/2-09 at 12.16

DAA send their deepest sympathy to the Cameron's on the death of Ivan, their disabled eldest son, who died early on Wednesday 25 February.


David Cameron, Leader of the Opposition in the UK, has always talked about how much Ivan has given to their family and friends - that his short life has been full of love - the best contribution anyone can give to the world.

The Cameron's have also realised how lucky they have been to afford appropriate support - whereas most families with disabled children are living in real poverty.  


The loss of a child is a terrible thing for parent's to bear. However, Ivan's family and friends have understood that his life should be celebrated with as much joy as a non-disabled child.  


Comment added 02/3-09 at 09.16 by: Emmerich (andersleben@live.com)

On UK TV - the Andrew Marr show Sunday 1st March - presenters and guests agreed that it is a terrible thing to loose a child.

BUT they used words, such as 'handicapped'
'less than perfect'

I got very upset.

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