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USA: Reports shows continued abuse of disabled people’s human rights

Posted 29/8-10 at 19.30

The UN Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a review of the human rights records of all 192 UN Member States carried out once every four years. It provides an opportunity for all States to report on what actions they have taken to improve human rights.

The final review is based on official States' reports, information from independent human rights experts and groups, as well as from other stakeholders including non-governmental organizations and national human rights institutions.

In response to the official review submitted by the US State Department, the first in seven years, the US Human Rights Network (HRN) has produced a collection of 26 independent stakeholders' reports. One of these concerns disabled people and was compiled by a number of prominent US DPOs.

The investigation highlights limitations in the country's human rights framework that has allowed such violations as involuntary euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide and compulsory mental health treatment.

There is also a review of the abuse of disabled children, mistreatment of disabled people in institutions and a lack of alternatives to institutionalization.

The report contains an extensive list of recommendations regarding independent living and the treatment of people with learning difficulties and mental health problems.

Human rights violations against disabled people are also found elsewhere in the collection. For example, in the report on criminal justice, Human Rights Watch observed that, "prisons have become the nation's primary mental health facilities." 56 percent of state prisoners, 45 percent of federal prisoners, and 64 percent of jail prisoners in the U.S. suffer from mental illness. It is estimated that people with substantial learning difficulties may constitute as much as ten percent of the prison population.

In the report on the death penalty, it was found that one in ten of those executed had a serious mental health condition.

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Comment added 30/8-10 at 10.07 by: Shishir Nepal (shishirnepal_01@yahoo.com)

The world is witnessing the rise in abuse of disabled peoples rights.Civil societies should come forward to stop such activities.

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