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USA: Disabled people arrested in protest against cuts

Posted 27/8-10 at 13.18

Twenty-two disabled people were arrested when they stopped traffic during a large, colourful demonstration outside California's Capitol Building on August 18th. 200 to 300 people had come to protest against the savage cuts to programmes supporting disabled people.

Protestors against cuts in California

Protestors against cuts in California

"It was a spontaneous action," said Stella Kim, who is with California Partnership, one of the groups participating in the event. "These are people who wanted to make their voices heard. For these people, it's a life and death issue."

The cuts include a 50 percent cut to state funding for In Home Supportive Services for disabled people, a $750 million cut to Medi-Cal, and the total elimination of state funding for child care, the CalWORKS welfare-to-work program, Adult Day Health Care, and mental health rehabilitation programs.



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