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UN: Human Rights Council wants end to discrimination against people with leprosy

Posted 19/8-10 at 20.55

The UN Human Rights Council Advisory Committee has recommended the repeal of all laws which discriminate against people affected by leprosy.They also want States to enact legislation to ensure people affected by leprosy and their family members do not suffer discrimination in employment, education, health, marriage, religion, use of public utilities and public places.

Leprosy is one of the oldest known diseases and although it has been eliminated in most countries, historically people with the condition, and their family members, have been despised and abandoned.

Committee member, Shigeki Sakamoto noted that, "Only after the elimination of social discrimination can the international community say that leprosy has truly vanished."


Editorial comment: As people with leprosy are disabled people, the Advisory Committee should have linked their demands with the provisions of the CRPD. Furthermore, it would have been helpful to remind those states that have ratified the Convention of their obligation to protect the human rights of people with leprosy.



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