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New Zealand: National Government are ‘declaring war on disabled people’ - Alliance Party

Posted 15/8-10 at 15.16

Alliance Party disability spokesperson, Chris Ford says the National Government is intending to make life more difficult for disabled people. This will involve forcing people to disclose their impairments, to defend their benefits entitlement and making employers carry the costs of their disabled and sick workers.

Ford claims the National Government risked violating the UN Convention through not providing an adequate income to meet the needs of disabled people.

He said, "Sending more disabled people into absolute poverty doesn't exactly equate with the building of a more inclusive society as envisaged by the UN Convention." The Alliance has pledged that it will increase benefit levels to enable disabled people and other beneficiaries to participate fully in society.


Editorial comment: What apparently has been proposed in New Zealand echoes the attacks on the welfare of disabled people in the UK and many states in the USA. It seems particularly perverse that just when the UN Convention is being adopted throughout the world, disabled people should have become a main target for budget cuts. DAA would like to know if similar moves have been taken or are planned in your country. Please let us know.


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