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UK: Budget cuts put disabled people at risk of losing their homes

Posted 12/8-10 at 18.55

A cut in mortgage payment support, involving a loss of £1,300 annually for every £100,000 borrowed, could result in 64,000 disabled people losing their homes.

Around 59,000 disabled people use the benefit to help them pay their mortgages. A further 5,000 people have used the state payments to secure niche mortgages to pay for shared ownership homes provided by housing associations.

David Orr, chief executive of the National Housing Federation, said, "The government says that it will try to protect the most vulnerable as it makes spending cuts, but this policy will hit thousands of people with disabilities, cutting off many from the prospect of owning their own home." In many cases the decision to curb the payments from October will strip from the most vulnerable people a chance of leading an independent life.




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