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USA: Obama celebrates 20 years of ADA with executive order to increase employment of disabled people

Posted 02/8-10 at 06.47

"Not dependence but independence: That's what the ADA was all about," President Barack Obama said at a White House reception to mark the 20th anniversary of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

Obama also signed an executive order that calls for strategic planning, mandatory training and other steps to increase federal government hiring of disabled people.

Furthermore, the Department of Justice published rules to prohibit disability-based discrimination by state and local governments, as well as private businesses.


Editorial comment: It would be great if the UK government was as proactive about employment and enforcing disability rights. For example, in the USA the Department of Justice takes cases under the ADA. In the UK, individuals have to go to court themselves and bare the costs if the law is not observed. As a result, anti-discrimination legislation in the UK tends to be long on promises and short on results. Furthermore, instead of launching a positive employment initiative, the new Coalition government intends to impose tougher benefits tests on disabled people. By doing this people will be thrown into a shrinking jobs market, which in general and despite legislation, does not welcome disabled people.



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