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Ghana: Mad Pride Day march petitions for CRPD

Posted 20/7-10 at 11.52

On June 14th, MindFreedom Ghana organised a march in Accra with over five hundred people and a brass band to celebrate Mad Pride Day. Mad Pride Day is part of a series of events run throughout the world by MindFreedom International.

The purpose of these celebrations is described by John McCarthy, Mad Pride Ireland organiser as,"... simply a method of bringing to the public's attention The Great Normality of Madness."

Pride day march

Mad Pride Day March

In Ghana, participants included many different groups of disabled people. They presented a petition to the country's parliament urging them to ratify the CRPD by the end of the year.


The account of march in Ghana and photos are taken from an email sent to the IDA (International Disability Alliance) CRPD Forum by Dan
Taylor, Secretary MindFreedom Ghana. For more information about Mad Pride Day, see:http://www.mindfreedom.org/campaign/"> .

Marchers with demand for CRPD ratification Banner

Marchers with demand for UNCRPD ratification banner








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