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UK agrees Optional Protocol

Posted 13/2-09 at 16.25

On the 3rd February Jonathan Shaw announced that the UK will sign the Optional Protocol. This is welcome news.

Mr. Jonathan Shaw said: "The Optional Protocol contains additional agreements between countries that have signed the convention. This includes processes by which disabled people and organisations can bring human rights abuses to the attention of monitoring bodies."

The power of the Optional Protocol would be diluted, however, if the UK government were to add reservations before ratifying the convention.

On 4th January the Joint Committee on Human Rights published its report on the prgress made. "Currently, we understand that the Government is considering at least four reservations to the UNCRPD, in respect of immigration, education, service in the military and benefits appointees" the Committee observed.

Despite the intention to sign the Optional Protocol, any reservation "understandably shakes the confidence of disabled people in the UK in the Government's approach to the Convention."

We hope that the UK Government responds positively to national and international pressure to remove any reservations.

Disabled people's organisations (DPOs) expect that they will play an important part in the monitoring and implementation processes. Work must now begin in earnest to involve DPOs.



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