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UK: Negative stereotyping of people with learning difficulties widespread

Posted 19/7-10 at 10.23

A third of the 1,100 adults surveyed in a poll carried out by the charity Turning Point said that people with learning difficulties couldn't live independently or hold down jobs, while almost a quarter imagined they would be living in care homes. Nearly one in ten expected them to be cared for in a secure hospital out of town.

Adam Penwarden, the director of Turning Point, said that such misconceptions contributed to widespread discrimination. That discrimination in turn has underpinned the spate of serious hate crimes against disabled people, such as the attacks which led to the deaths of Fiona Pilkington and her daughter.


Editorial comment: The findings of this report - that negative stereotyping leads to discrimination and hate crime - are relevant with respect to all disabled people, not just those with learning difficulties.




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