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USA: Demonstration in support of disabled boy attacked by gang

Posted 13/7-10 at 00.45

Over 100 people gathered in front of City Hall in Havana, Illinois to demand action to protect Cory Miller, a 16-year-old wheelchair user, and to find and prosecute the youths who viciously attacked him on Saturday afternoon on Main Street.

Cory Miller

This was the third such incident experienced by Cory since 2008. On this occasion a group of boys sprayed him in the face, pushed his wheelchair to a local park and then assaulted him in the public toilets.

Cory attended the City Hall rally with a placard on his chair. It read, "I deserve justice and freedom."


Reports of the other attacks can be found at:




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I live in leicester England and we have just had a mother kill herself and her disabled daughter because they were being so severly bullied. We dont just need goverments to do something we need communities to start to stand up to this low lifes and tell them we are not going to take this intimidation and aggression.

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